Saturday, February 28, 2009


Grayson's best angry face
2 sad faces
2 surprised faces
2 happy faces
2 angry faces

Just a bit of silliness after bath time tonight. Grayson has been making the funniest angry faces lately, so we got to thinking we should check out his other expressions. Sofia just thought it was fun to play too.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ski Bums!

Took the kids to Pine Knob for a day of skiing a few weeks ago. Here is Sofia on the Magic Carpet with Grandpa George.
Grayson and Sofia in line for the Carpet lift.
Sofia learning great skills from ski patrol Dad. She did so good that later on Mom took her on the chair lift.
Up the Magic Carpet with Dad.
Scarlett to stay with Grandma Gay. I tried to keep her awake in the car by giving her a sucker. I didn't work.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Sofia got a sled from Afton for her birthday this year and has been DYING to try it out. Our friends Angie and Joe just happen to live across the street from a fun sledding hill and invited us to come over to sled and play today. I haven't gone sledding in years and my kids NEVER have (we're skiers I guess), but had a really great time!

Scarlett was easier to drag over to the park on a sled. Unfortunately she couldn't sit up in her huge puffy snowsuit so I laid her down. Since the sun was in her eyes in this position, she got to wear my sunglasses. I think she had fun sledding down the hill, but her back was always facing me so I couldn't tell.
Sofia looking cute and posing next to her beloved sled/tube.
EXHAUSTED from hiking up the hill.
Getting ready to go down together on one of Angie's sleds. Angie and the boys are in the background.
Teamwork, hoofing it back up the hill.