Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

The tree was up for a week before Tadj was home to decorate it with us before bedtime. It is most definitely NOT a designer tree. Though I'm thinking after Christmas I'll buy some mini clearance trees so the kids can each have their own to decorate with their OWN ornaments next year. Anyway, Scarlett was THRILLED to be doing this and the look on her face here was the same look in EVERY picture. HA!
Sofia, always the poser.
Grayson became obsessed with the THOMAS ornament Afton gave him last year, but we did get hime to put some more on the tree.
All done... and ready for bed!

Scarlie Mo!

Ok, so she's just THE funniest kid ever, so I take a lot of random pictures of her doing funny stuff. Well, this one's not so much funny as clever. We are trying to rid her of this pacifier habit. She know the rule is that she can only have it in her bed. She's taken to climbing up onto her dresser to grab one down while we're not looking. Very sneaky!
She brought me her hat and mittens to put on for her. She just looked so cute I had to take a picture.
We made toaster waffles for breakfast. Scarlett wasn't interested in eating, so we gave up but never cleared her plate. 1/2 hour later I found her sitting right ON the table eating her unfinished plate.

Hanging with the kiddos...

This time of year is very busy for Tadj at work, and then he does his Ski Patrol shift on the weekend. Essentially, I'm a widow for a few months out of the year. So, the kids and I have been on our own for a bit and making our own fun. Here are my cuties sitting around on the couch.
And some self portraits...
Aren't they cute??!

Thanksgiving bowling

After Thanksgiving dinner this year, we got to load up all or desserts and head to Dad's bowling alley for a couple of games. It was SO fun. Not sure why Scarlie was crying here, but she sure was mad.
Sofia picked up her spare... and it looks like Grandma Hardie was well on her way too.
Grayson was thrilled his ball was going to know something over.
The kids just hanging out.
Afton with Amandine and Scarlett (her little buddy that night).
Sofia definitely had a blast!