Friday, March 27, 2009

Pound, pound, pound!

My little kids are sleeping through this madness, thank heavens. This is not the way I like to spend thousands of dollars (I'd really love new couches), but it was definitely necessary. I really wish I would have taken some "before" pictures. This is the back of the house, almost done. Hooray for the man working around the chimney. That's where the water was coming in.
The front is torn off, but still needs shingles. Hopefully it will be done in a couple hours. It was in such bad shape, they had to replace some of the lumber.
Here's the old roof (in the dumpster)! YAY!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The girls

Having church at 1pm is very hard for this family. No naps make for cranky, mean kids by 2pm. We HAVE found a plus side to it though. We stay in our jammies until noon. Here are girls having a tea party on Sunday morning.
We call this picture "Cinderella". Scarlett has an obsession with shoes and brooms, but this time she only had one shoe on. HAHAHA!!
The sweetest sisters ever. The love each other so much and almost never fight. I'll give them a couple more years.

Spring Skiing

Here was our last day of Pine Knob skiing for the season. The kids were done skiing pretty quickly and decided to play in the snow instead. Fun times and Spring weather.
They hung out with another patroller kid all afternoon. He didn't want to ski either. Throwing snowballs down the hill was MUCH more fun.

Having so much fun, Grayson was drooling??
Grayson and Grandpa George hanging out on the patrol deck and enjoying the sunshine.