Monday, June 29, 2009

Made in Detroit
Ok, so I missed my 100th post anniversary. This is really post #102. Oh well. SO, for my giveaway, I'm offering a few of my favorite products from right here in the motor city: 1 jar of YUMMY Sander's fudge, Faygo pop, and Better made chips!

What you have to do: Leave a comment on this post about how GREAT Detroit and/or Michigan is and your favorite spots, memories, or sights to see. You have until Saturday July 4th!

What I will do: Pick one winner (randomly, of course) and send you all 3 of these products. I reserve the right to send only one can of pop (NOT SODA... we're in Detroit you know) to save on shipping (I'm not rich), and take as long as I need (I'm busy people!). Good luck, and have fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009

We finally did it!

With dance recital behind us and the first really hot day of Summer, we decided we could finally cut Sofia's hair. She was able to donate 12 inches to "Wigs for Kids". She was so funny at the Salon. She kept telling the stylist that she wanted to donate her hair to daddy. HA! Anyway, here are pictures of the whole thing.
Before: at home today
getting her hair washed... she thought it was hilarious that they washed her hair in a sink and wants it done this way from now on.

the big cut
Look at all that hair!
getting her hair blown out.
After: so cute... she really wasn't sad, just not smiling.
Isn't she darling??!!

"Do you want to know a Secret"

Sofia's ballet recital was on Saturday. The them this year was The Beatles and her class danced to "Do you want to know a secret". They were just darling and the whole show was really fun to watch. Since it was the matinee show this year, we actually stayed for the whole thing and Sofia got to participate in the finale. She also got called up on stage to receive an attendance award for making it to all of her classes this year. She was thrilled!

The girls had to wait backstage during the whole show. At least 100 little girls were CRAMMED into this back room for a couple of hours, but Sofia didn't complain about it at all later on.
Brinley, Ella, and Sofia hanging out backstage before their performance.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Aquavikes Reunite!!

Last Saturday I had a reunion with my high school swim team from 1993, my freshman year. The Aquavikes was our nickname... the school mascot was a Viking. There were only 9 of us on the team that year and six of us were able to make it to Stacy's house for a BBQ. We had a blast getting to know each other again and all our kids and hubbies got along great too!
Dodge Ram (me) and Zoomin' Zuke (Becky)
3 of the "Fab 4 Freshmen" : me, Cheryl, and Linda
Me and Linda
A bunch of our kids: Left to Right: Connor, Katie, Annabel, Sofia, Caleb, Scarlett, and Grayson. I think Grayson was pouting because we made him get off the scooter for the picture.
Annabel, Sofia, and Katie posing in the doorway. Katie is 2 years older than Sofia, but they got along GREAT... she was like a fun big sister to her that night.
In the midst of the fun party madness, Sofia bit into her hotdog and lost her other front tooth!

Monday, June 8, 2009

So Girly!!

Sorry if you're one of those people who think feet are gross. You won't like this post. I had a WONDERFUL spa pedicure last week. The next day, Sofia wanted her toes done too. When Scarlett saw me doing Sofia's toes, she insisted that her's get done too.
Scarlett went with hot pink.

Sofia couldn't pick just one color. I talked her out of 3 colors and she settled for these 2.

Wish I had this color at home, but decided that buying the pedicure was enough and the nail polish would have to wait.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Sofia had her preschool graduation on June 2nd from the "Preschool at the Park" program through Eastpointe parks and recreation. She went Tuesdays and Thursdays all year long... didn't even miss ONE day! She learned a lot, met some new great friends, and had a blast. Here she is with her teachers Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Alicia. Ms. Alicia has been teaching this program for 18 years!! We were so blessed to have such wonderful teachers for Sofia.
All dressed up and posing as usual.
Sofia with Mira and the twins (Amir and Willow). Sofia can't even tell them apart, but loves them both.
Best buds Sofia and Zoe.
The Three Musketeers... Zoe, Jacob and Sofia.
Receiving her preschool diploma. CONGRATS SOFIA!!

Here is the processional!

Happy Birthday Tadj!!

Tadj turned 35 on Saturday the 30th! He's not happy to be gettting older, but we had a fun evening. We took the kids to Red Robin for his free Birthday burger and icecream, had cake at home and went to see "Night at the Museum..."!
Sharing ice cream with Scarly.

Tadj got a special drink that we all made him share. YUM!