Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We love grandparents

Great-Grandma Staub came for a visit this week! We're so lucky to have so many granparents around who just love our kids. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Hardie's house to see her and visit and she had a fun cookie making project for the kids to do. Sofia loved making these. Just spread peanut butter on a townhouse (or Ritz) cracker, sandwich it with another, and did in chocolate. Yum! Scarlett kept grabbing at the crackers, but mom wouldn't let her have any... despite Great-Grandma's protests. Somehow she ended up with peanutbutter on her shirt anyway.

One less kid to buckle.

Sofia has hit one of my FAVORITE milestones! We thought this day would never come and had no idea how freeing this could be, but for the first time Sofia buckled her own seatbelt!! I'd gotten sooooo tired of buckling 3 kids in everytime we got in the car that I really pushed Sofia to practice doing her own belt. After much frustration on her part she finally did it. This may seem small but has made a great difference to me. Yay!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Sweet Ballerina

Sofia's favorite day of the week has been Tuesday... Ballet Day!! In her little class were 5 other little girls from our ward and they were soooo cute together. Our little ballerina had her first recital on June 14th, and those girls just stole the show! We weren't allowed to snap pictures during the performance, but here is Sofia in her costume and another of her first day at class.

Scarlett's first taste of candy

We thought a sucker would be safe. She enjoyed it, but didn't quite get it at first. Notice it being properly sucked... but then upside down... and then on the floor. I'm sure she'll get the idea soon enough.

My first attempt to coordinate my kids outfits.

Ok, so they're just P.J.'s, but this may be as good as it gets for me. They were on sale and I just LOVE Gap jammies. Too bad the kids had a hard time sitting for the pictures. Here they are just after their baths and all too ready to crash in bed.

Our First Blog!

Here we go! After much prodding, I've finally given in. With family scattered across the country and dear friends moving out of state (miss you already Mayes and Brimhalls!), I find it necessary to keep in contact with those we love the most. I'm a pretty busy lady so I'm sure there won't be posts everyday, but I'll try my best so check back often!