Sunday, July 18, 2010

Them Crazy Swedes!

On Saturday the 17th, Farmington, MI had their annual founders parade. Grandpa George's Swedish club entered their big Viking helmet float and Tadj, Sofia, and Grayson all got to ride on it. Grandpa George had made cute little folk costumes for the kids, but it was just WAY too hot to wear them. Instead, they got cute little yellow shirts and blue shorts to represent the colors on the Swedish flag. Scarlett and Mom watched the Parade (and got all the loot!) with Grandma Gay and Grandpa George. Above is Scarlett walking (and walking... and walking) with Grandpa after the parade.
Scarlett just looking cute of course.
Tadj and the kids on the float. It was a LONG, HOT morning and Sofia wasn't too happy.

(She's really good at being cute)
Decorating Grandpa George's Dalahast (or Dala Horse) for the float.
Grayson and Sofia on the float BEFORE the parade started... notice they're still smiling at this point.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My, how they've grown...

Grayson and Sofia both saw Dr. Kutskill today for their checkups:

Sofia is 52# and 50 inches... well on her way to 5'8".

Grayson is 42# and 44 inches... well on his way to 6'3". He's officially off the charts.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


After recital again this year, Sofia decided to go short again. It was also time for Scarlett's first haircut. I do regret not having the camera with me at Borics (I just forgot it) but she was a great little customer and the old Polish stylist, Uma, said she could come back anytime.

A few weeks later, Mom got her hair cut into an angled bob just perfectly short for the Summer!

Uncle Gus Gets Hitched!

On June 19th, 2010 Gus married the beautiful Jessica. What a lucky guy! Tadj was Gus' best man and Heather was one of Jessica's Bridesmaids. What a good looking crew.

The girls got curlers in their hair for the occasion and Mom learned that Scarlett's hair doesn't hold a curl more than 10 minutes.

Sofia, Grayson, and Scarlett outside the temple
Morgan, Madeleine, Scarlett, and Sofia all in their beautiful matching dresses.
All the Hemingway cousins

Grandam Gay with Sofia and Morgan at the reception

Dad goofing around with Morgan and Scarlett snuggling up to Aunt Heather.

Goodbye Training Wheels

On Father's day Tadj decided to force Sofia into riding her little bike without the training wheels. She wasn't happy, but obliged after a while. By the next day she was zipping around no problem. By the end of the week she worked up to her awesome Schwinn that Dad restored a couple years ago and Grandma Hardie bought her a bubble exhaust to put on it as a reward. We're SO proud.