Monday, September 14, 2009

Tigers Vs. Blue Jays 9/11/09

Thanks to our GREAT friends Angie and Joe, Tadj and I got to go to Comerica Park on Friday and watch the Tigers lose :( from a suite :) . It was AWESOME. It had it's own seating area inside with it's own bathroom and was fully catered with hotdogs, quesadillas, chicken fingers, chips, and all the pop you could drink. It was sooo fun. We got to walk around the park for a little while and really got a kick out of the people having to wait in huge lines for the bathroom.
Since it was 9/11, the Tigers invited a few police officers and fire fighters to stand on the field for the national anthem.

Our hosts, Angie and Joe

Joe and Tadj with other friends Dave and Marie
Just the girls
Tadj and Joe sitting inside for a while.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


On Tuesday, Grayson started preschool at Avalon and Sofia started Kindergarten at Koepsell (yes, I'm driving to 2 schools!). Grayson's teach is Ms. Francis, and Sofia's is Mrs. Zentz. We're so excited for such a fun year!!
Poor guy. You can still see all the awful bug bites from camp Hazelwood. We had to assure his teacher that it WASN'T chicken pox.
Scarlett thought she was going too, so we took her picture. She cried for 1/2 an hour when we left.
Little miss Kindergarten was cool and confident for her first day.
Our sweet school kids.
Sofia at her locker
... and at her desk
I forgot to get a picture of Grayson in his classroom, so I got one when he came out. He said he had fun and met two kids, but couldn't remember their names.

Camp Hazelwood

The kids went with Grandma and Grandpa Hardie to camp Hazelwood over the Labor Day weekend. Cathy had all sorts of crafts for them to do!!! They came home with great projects that unfortunately I don't have pictures of. These pictures are from Friday when I was at camp with them.
Tadj found a toad out in the field that was really cool to play with until it jumped out of Tadj's hand and scared the kids to death.

The kids around the fire enjoying some roasted marshmallows.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


... I turned 30 today. I'm not so sure how I feel about it. Usually, people think I'm in my mid thirties anyway when they're guessing ages (never a fun game BTW), so I guess I should already be FEELING 30. I feel 20. I have a husband, 3 kids, and a career and really don't feel like a grown up yet. How'd that happen so fast??!! I was SERIOUSLY just in high school. YIKES!

Anyway, the kids are spending labor day weekend camping with the grandparents. YAY! Tadj and I spent the whole day together: garage sale-ing, grocery shopping, dinner, movie, and some chill time at home. That's been the BEST birthday present. I guess I can thank mom and dad for that one. Tadj also bought me a massage at the spa that I'll HAVE to redeem next week for sure and a pretty bouquet of flowers. It's been a great day and we still don't have to see the kids for another 36 hours or so. I think I'm liking this turning 30 thing... goodnight.