Monday, October 26, 2009

Trunk or Treat

*It's been a while since posting, so read down for more*

This was our 2nd of like 8 Halloween events this year. The ward Trunk or Treat. Perfectly simple: trunk or treat, donuts, hot chocolate, 1 hour long (THANKS SHAUNA!). The kids had a great time. I'm sure more (and better) Halloween costume pictures will come shortly. We've got a lot more parties to attend. Scarlett is the duck the year. This costume has been worn my her brother, sister, and 2 older cousins. It will retire this year. Sofia insisted on wearing her ballet costume. Since I paid $50 for it, I happily helped her don it. Grayson was a cowboy. His boots were found last minute at WalMart. Tadj did his beard... it needs work for the next party.

Sibling love...

I've been noticing more and more the last couple of weeks that our kids are starting to actually like each other sometimes. I've caught Sofia with her arm around Grayson showing hime something on the computer and then later Grayson with his arm around Scarlett trying to teach her something too. This day, I caught them reading their FAVORITE Scooby Doo book together. No, this wasn't staged... they were in fact reading the book upside down... I don't know why.

Blakes Orchards

We made our way back to Blake's this year, but this time with Grayson's preschool class. Lucky for us, some friends in our ward go to the same preschool and so we got to hang out with them too. It was SUPER cold, like 35 degrees, and Scarlett had been awake in the middle of the night so she was very cranky. We never allow the pacifier outside the crib, but something told me to grab it on the way out the door. I was glad I did. She was still miserable, but at least had the paci. We each got to pick a pumpkin and five apples and had cider and donuts with the rest of the class. We also got admission into the fun play area.
Here is our group on the "train" getting ready to head back from picking our pumpkins.
Miserable Scarlett still wanted to climb the straw mountain.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

OT Reunion

In December of 2002, all of us graduated from OT school at Wayne State University. We decided to have a reunion this year with all of our families. Of course I was put in charge. Here's the big gang that came minus a couple husbands who couldn't attend and a few who were taking pictures. Look at all those kids!
Sofia and my friend Danielle's daughter Olivia were "BFF's" for the day!
We met at Kennedy Memorial Park in Eastpointe which was the perfect spot so the kids could run and play the whole time.
Grayson and Brian's son Caden on the slide. Grayson kept calling Caden his brother. HA!