Monday, August 31, 2009

Swim Lessons

The kids took their yearly swim lessons at Kennedy Pool this month. Sofia was still in Level one, but has finally mastered "underwater exploration". She will now willingly swim with her face and head underwater. YAY! Next year she is ready for Level 2. Grayson and Scarlett were with Mom in the parent/tot class which is basically just playtime. Depending on who teaches this class, it can actually be really good, but this teacher wasn't so hot. Grayson and Scarlett pretty much jumped in off the side and swam with noodle floaties. Scarlett was an absolute fish and LOVED every minute. Grayson had fun, but wouldn't put his face in the water. Next year he's off to level 1. These pictures are from the last day of class.
Grayson was running a pretty good fever this day. We found out later he had Roseola when a nice little rash showed up. We gave him some Motrin and Tylenol and headed out anyway. Afterall, it was the last day, which means "fun day" where they get to go on the water slide.
Grayson and Scarlett got cupcakes from their unremarkable teacher. I can't even remember her name.
Sofia got a treat from her teacher Ed. He actually worked wonders with her this year.
The kids in the locker room showing off their certificates.

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