Thursday, September 10, 2009


On Tuesday, Grayson started preschool at Avalon and Sofia started Kindergarten at Koepsell (yes, I'm driving to 2 schools!). Grayson's teach is Ms. Francis, and Sofia's is Mrs. Zentz. We're so excited for such a fun year!!
Poor guy. You can still see all the awful bug bites from camp Hazelwood. We had to assure his teacher that it WASN'T chicken pox.
Scarlett thought she was going too, so we took her picture. She cried for 1/2 an hour when we left.
Little miss Kindergarten was cool and confident for her first day.
Our sweet school kids.
Sofia at her locker
... and at her desk
I forgot to get a picture of Grayson in his classroom, so I got one when he came out. He said he had fun and met two kids, but couldn't remember their names.


Melissa J. said...

They look so cute!! I guess I haven't seen Sofia in awhile - her hair looks so cute cut shorter! I can't believe how big she's gotten. She's not the same little girl I had in nursery! :o)

Emilie said...

Wow! How fun for them! I can't believe that Grayson especially is already in school! Glad they had fun. They were looking super cute in the picture!

The Prices said...

Hooray! School rocks!

Celeste Adams said...

Sofia looks so grown up! Grayson is the cutest little boy! Karlee talks about him all of the time. How are they liking school? What about mom?

NatalieHemingway said...

Thanks Celeste. Cuteness is his only saving grace. He's a pill. He loves Karlee too. We should get them to play more. Both are LOVING school. Poor Scarlett isn't. She's had me playing "ponies" for 2 days now. We've got to come up with another plan for her. She's bored with me now I think.