Monday, October 26, 2009

Trunk or Treat

*It's been a while since posting, so read down for more*

This was our 2nd of like 8 Halloween events this year. The ward Trunk or Treat. Perfectly simple: trunk or treat, donuts, hot chocolate, 1 hour long (THANKS SHAUNA!). The kids had a great time. I'm sure more (and better) Halloween costume pictures will come shortly. We've got a lot more parties to attend. Scarlett is the duck the year. This costume has been worn my her brother, sister, and 2 older cousins. It will retire this year. Sofia insisted on wearing her ballet costume. Since I paid $50 for it, I happily helped her don it. Grayson was a cowboy. His boots were found last minute at WalMart. Tadj did his beard... it needs work for the next party.

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