Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas 2009

LOTS of pictures here (I should probably figure out the whole slide show thing). We spent Christmas eve relaxing on our own at home after a yummy Chinese dinner out at Golden Chopsticks with Chris, Rachel, Amandine and Thierry. Tadj decided that with working 70 hour weeks 7 days a week leading up to Christmas he wanted to spend his time alone with me and the kids.
Christmas day we had the usual present opening, playtime, and naptime before we went to the Hemingways where we hung out with Grandma Gay, Grandpa George, Uncle Gus and Jess and the Mercados. We had a great time! So much fun in fact that although we packed both the video camera and regular camera we didn't use them AT ALL. I'm a bit upset about that now... oh well.
Here a pictures of Sofia opening up her treasure hunt gift. Her new skis were too large to wrap, so we hid them in the bathtub and sent her around the house looking for clues. She thought it was great.

Sofia got the ultimate Costco set of littlest Pet Shops, Grayson got the the monster Costco set of Thomas trains and buildings, and Scarlett the super-fab Costco baby set. THEY LOVED IT!

Grandma and Grandpa Hardie were in Hawaii for Christmas (lucky dogs!) so we celebrated Christmas a week later on New Year's Eve. The kids got to spend the night and Mom and Dad went home!! Here are the girls snuggling under Amandine's "Snuggie" she got from Grandma.
Scarlett got some cute stuff from Amandine and Grandma and Grandpa including a tiger growling flashlight... too cute!
Grayson got a Thomas Projector book which he immediately began using as a flashlight and wore out.
Sofia got a great Pixos set and the ever - coveted Zhu Zhu pet. Lucky girl!
I got a cute frame with the family name in it.
Tadj and Chris got "Touch and Brush"... though it was really more for the kids.

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