Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A couple of weekends ago Tadj and I took the kids to the Detroit Institute of Arts. We had such fond memories of our dating days and walking around enjoying the beautiful artwork. We thought it time to expose the kids to some art culture. Luckily, they sent us a free family pass to try it out. Things sure have changed. Art museums are NOT for kids... though the DIA advertised kid friendly areas. It was not so. They had one room where the kids made Kalimbas out of popsicle sticks and wood scraps. That was fun. That lasted 30 minutes. Then for the next two hours all we heard was "I'm hungry", "I don't want to walk anymore", "when can we go home", and OF COURSE from the museum security "she can't sit on that!" , "don't touch that", "don't touch that", "don't TOUCH THAT!!!". We won't be going back for like 8 more years. But we got a couple cute pictures.


The Prices said...

You gave it a shot, right?

Robyn said...

Oh my WORD!!! Sofia's face!! I'm so late at reading this, I'm sure she's fine by now, but holy cow!

Good thing the DIA was free. We've made that mistake too.

The Lunds said...

It might not take 8 more years before you enjoy the DIA as a family.

We loved a family membership to the DIA in 2008 to 2009. My mother bought it for us as a gift while she was visiting (she got a senior discount). We visited that day as a family of 8 with the FREE Adventure Passes from the public library. Now with no membership, we use the library passes again.

I never thought that I would use it so much. As members we went anytime we wanted. We averaged once a month, plus trips to use our free tickets to two different exhibitions ( Norman Rockwell and Monet to Dali)! The kids were 1, 4, 8, and 10. We would just go for a couple of hours. We always brought food. I usually paid $2 for at least one of the audio tours for the kids. They look like a remote. Johanna could look at art and enter a picture number and hear a naration perfectly tailored for kids. The eye spies were great. We even invented out own.

We met friends and there kids there. Rick and I went on DIA dates, took parents, did group dates, and even made it a part of Helena's 11 year birthday. My big girls wspecially liked it because of what they had studied in art and ancient history.