Friday, April 10, 2009


Last Friday I decided to take the kids to the free butterfly exhibit at Oakland Mall. The last few years, Sofia has been a bit scared of the butterflies (last year she claimed it was to stinky), but was VERY excited to go this year. She even wore her butterfly jeans and shirt. As we were walking in, Sofia changed her mind and I had to drag her into the tent. She cried the whole time... scared to death! Really, who is scared of butterflies??!! She was really disappointed in herself afterward, but recovered well. Here's a few pictures of our 10 minute tour. Grayson wasn't scared at all (neither was Scarlett), but he didn't want to hold the butterfly.
We weren't allowed to touch the monarch butterflies, but they were pretty to look at.
I don't remember what kid of butterfly this is, but if was fun to hold on my finger.
We weren't allowed to touch the butterflies that were eating the fruit either.
All 3 kids excited to go in.


The Amayesings said...

Looks like fun.

Am I the only one who can't read your posts w/o highlighting it so the letters stand out? Just curious.

NatalieHemingway said...

hmmm. Sorry Tia. I am having a hard time finding a font color to pop on this background. Maybe I should just change the background.

The Prices said...

They seriously need to figure out a better smell for that place...remember last year all of our kids crying their heads off and refusing to go in? BTW, I think the bright green everywhere else on your blog is easier to read than the black.