Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grayson is 3!

Our little man turned 3 today! I can't believe he's gotten so big, so quickly. He absolutely loves trains and got this great train table for his birthday. Thomas is by far his favorite. The only books and movies he'll check out at the library are Thomas. He even asked Grandma to buy him a Thomas toothbrush for his birthday (which she did!). He is a runner, jumper, climber, but is definitely the most snuggly of all our kids. He loves to read books in his bed at night, sing songs, and is always wondering where things come from... "Mom, where did you buy that"... for EVERYTHING from his socks to our TV. He's pretty posessive with his toys, but shares willingly if asked nicely. He adores play time and attention from his older sister, and mostly tries to survive his little sister's antics but can be very sweet to her too. His favorite food is probably pizza (preferably from Hungry Howie's and not from mom's kitchen) and his favorite drink is Chocolate Milk, which he really just calls "chocolate to drink". He is the ultimate middle child and is always looking for extra snuggles and attention. He evens out our family beautifully with his boyish personality to offset all his sisters' girliness. We love him fiercely. Happy Birthday little man.

Grayson's 2nd Birthday
Grayson's 1st birthday
Baby Grayson Check out that red hair. It disappeared after a year.


jennifer said...

Love, love, love the goose egg on his head in his 1 y/o pix. Can he really be 3 already? WOW! Happy B-day handsome.

The Prices said...

Whoa! That can't be right...3 already? As always, wish we could've been there to celebrate!

The Amayesings said...

WOW! It's been 3 years already? I like chocolate to drink too!Anyway, happy bday, Grayson!!

Chel said...

Happy Birthday, Grayson!!! Loved the pics of his previous birthdays...what a cutie!