Friday, July 18, 2008

Are we related to Gene Simmons?

Scarlett's favorite new discovery her tongue. It's always hanging out of her mouth and we've realized that it's SUPER LONG. Apparently, this gene runs in the family, because Grandma Hardie can actually touch her nose with her tongue (gross!!). I think Grandma and Scarlett should start a Kiss tribute band!

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Lisa said...

I was just reading your last post about working in Home Health. Sounds like a great job. I know one can make good money doing home health, and I have considered it for myself, except I don't know Mississippi all that well, and Jackson is one of the most dangerous cities, so I opt to stay at the hospital. I just got another raise, but I really, really hate leaving the baby at home and being away from her all day (hence my SUPER LONG blog post about it). I am so glad that you can work your schedule around your children and even take them with you at times! You go girl!