Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where is that dang camera?!

Sofia lost her first tooth today and we wanted to take a picture of it. Since we used the camera all weekend for Independence Day celebrations I thought it was close at hand. We've looked high and low and can't figure where it's gone... but then I remember the car. When I went to the car this morning, it was unlocked. $2 and and a couple of pop cans were missing. I thought Tadj cleaned out the car and pocketed the cash, but when I questionned him about it he said he hadn't. Now I'm realizing that someone must have gotten into the car last night and taken the camera which we must have left there after we came home late from fireworks!! We unloaded everything else but I think that the camera was overlooked. Thank goodness Tadj took the video camera in the house. We've never had this kind of problem in the 5 years since we've lived in Eastpointe. Ugh!! How frustrating!! Oddly enough, we just had an alarm system installed on the house 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness for Adam from APX systems who talked us into buying it. We didn't think we needed one, but he was church member from Utah just off his mission here for the Summer to make some school money. We thought we'd help him out and try the system. He offered us a GREAT deal. Clearly, that is the best purchase we've made recently. Who knows what else could have happened. We were starting to see the decline of our city, but it hadn't yet affected us so closely. There are empty, forclosed homes all over the neighborhood and homes selling for dirt cheap to dealers who then rent them out to a less than desirable kind of tenant. I've seen some pretty peculiar looking characters walking up and down the street lately too. Time to move out?? YES!!! As soon as I hit the lottery for enough to dig us out of this house and put down on a different one, we will. We figure that would be somewhere around $50K. Until then, here we sit... hoping we survive the housing crisis and the neighborhood doesn't turn into a drug trafficking hot spot.

P.S. We took a picture of Sofia and her tooth with the camera phone tonight. After the tooth fairy comes tonight, we'll post those pictures. As for the holiday celebrations... gone forever I guess :( .


Toby and Oliver's mom and dad said...

I am so sorry that happened!!!! How violated you must feel! At least no one was hurt and your van was still there! Happy 4th!

Caldiero Family said...

Natalie that sucks I am so sorry! Hopefully you have good insurance that will get you a great camera, but your sense of security and those pictures won't be able to come back as easily unfortunately.