Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our mini-vacation... whirlwind Northern Michigan Tour

This is a super-long post, but we had a busy, long weekend up north and I haven't figured out the slide show feature to this blog yet. So here goes... we left Thursday night for Higgins Lake and Grandma Staub's house. We spent Friday at the lake, Saturday in Sault Ste. Marie, Sunday on Mackinac Island, and Monday in downtown Houghton Lake.

We got this headress for Grayson, but it looked cute on Scarlett. The moccasins were actually her souvenir from Zubler's.

Grandma Staub realized the kids were getting bored and pulled out games. Here they are playing "barrel full of monkeys".

All of us in period clothing at Fort Mackinac

At Zubler's Indian store in downton Houghton Lake.
Riding the cheesy rides at Children's funland.

Playing at the lake.
Flying Grandma's kite. Tadj and Sofia actually did pretty good, but could have used more string.
The boat took FOREVER to come into the Poe Lock in Saulte St. Marie. We got bored and left.
On the ferry to Mackinac Island
Sofia in front of Arch Rock. We took a carriage tour of the island. We thought we should do it now, because you have to pay for kids once they turn 5. So we only paid for Tadj and I. We thought it would be fun for the kids. Unfortunately they were bored and kept wanting to get off. Arch rock was one of the stops. Grayson had fallen asleep on the carriage, so he and I missed it.


melissa said...

looks like you had a blast

Caldiero Family said...

It looks like such a fun trip, makes me miss Michigan and all of you! Glad you got to see Grandma. I am sure this was a VERY different northern Michigan lake experience from the one in March!

Lisa said...

Hey Natalie,
I am glad to hear that you are back in YW. I have been having so much fun getting to know the girls! We only have about 10 girls also, and most of them are Beehives! Now we can exchange ideas about YW. How is work going?

Jen B. said...

How FUN! I loved (laughed) at the picture of your family sticking their heads through the pilgram background -- you guys are so much fun.