Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daredevil children and just bad parenting I guess...

Sometimes we just want to see what will happen. Maybe we should be a little more careful with our little ones. Maybe tomorrow, but here's what happened today:

We let our 2 year old push our 10 month old around in a cozy coupe car.

We saw how many kids can pile on a cozy couple car. Someone's bound to fall.
Told ya. There goes Sofia.
Deck railing. Trampoline. This can't be safe.
We were right. There she goes.... and then again and again and again.


Sisters staying connected... said...

I love the tramp trick...doesn;t look safe, but looks really fun! What a cool mom to let them try it!


Caldiero Family said...

Hey, I am the overly cautious one, and Natasha has has 14 stitches twice, a dislocated elbow, and broken collar bone. Maybe it is just better to let them have a free for all!

aftonini said...

Looks like the true Staub coming out in those children!!!

Julia Mortensen said...

hey natalie! of course I don't mind you finding my blog... you guys look great, your kids are so cute!
talk to you later.

Kirstynn Evans said...

She is totally a dare devil! Way to go mom!