Monday, January 12, 2009

... and the party goes on!

Sofia turned 5 today!! The party started yesterday with her family over for cake and ice cream. She loved visiting with Grandma Gay, Grandpa George, Grandpa Hardie (Grandma Hardie is in Disney World), Afton, TaTa, Uncle Chris, Amandine, Thierry, Uncle Gus, and Jess. She opened lots of lovely presents and ate lots of cake.

Today, we had a girls morning out. Sofia and I went to Lakeside mall (without the little kids) where she went to Teddy Bear Connection and made a cute little cat and picked out an outfit for her. She named her "Paradella" (?). She thought it was GREAT and even said "Mom, you have the BEST ideas!"... as if I invented that kind of store myself. Afterwards, we picked out a cute night gown and toy at the Disney store and had lunch in the food court.

Tonight, after ballet, we met Tadj at Red Robin for her free birthday dinner and ice cream. Lots of fun.

Sofia with her kitty... Paradella.
Lunch at the food court.
Dinner at Red Robin.

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