Friday, January 23, 2009

Pick up who?

So last week I had the kids in the car on our way to pick up Julia to babysit for the night. Since Tricia, our other babysitter (and Julia's sister) drives to our house 4 days a week to sit for the kids, Sofia was a bit confused as to why we needed to pick up Julia. I explained that Julia can't drive because she hasn't gotten a drivers license yet.

So today, we were driving home from a FUN day at the Science Center when a fire department pick-up truck drives past us on the freeway. The conversation went like this.

Sofia: Hey mom, there's a fire truck.
Me: No, Sofia that's the fire department's pick-up truck. It's not the one that puts out fires.
Sofia: Is it going to pick up Julia?
Me: What?
Sofia: Is that fire pick up truck going to pick up Julia?
Me: (laughing!!) No, the truck doesn't pick up people, it's just the name for that type of truck.



The Amayesings said...

Took me just a sec to get the joke. How cute. Kids say the funniest things. She's getting so old! (Oh wait, that's just me.)

I commented on your comment over on my blog, by the way.

Robyn said...

How funny! For a minute while reading there I thought this was going to end badly. Glad it didn't!

Ivy ~ Child of Clay said...

YEAH! i can see the posts now (don't know hat was wrong)

That was hilarious!!! But quite consistent with Sofia's logic laity, she really does try to make connections where possible laity.