Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Sofia had her preschool graduation on June 2nd from the "Preschool at the Park" program through Eastpointe parks and recreation. She went Tuesdays and Thursdays all year long... didn't even miss ONE day! She learned a lot, met some new great friends, and had a blast. Here she is with her teachers Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Alicia. Ms. Alicia has been teaching this program for 18 years!! We were so blessed to have such wonderful teachers for Sofia.
All dressed up and posing as usual.
Sofia with Mira and the twins (Amir and Willow). Sofia can't even tell them apart, but loves them both.
Best buds Sofia and Zoe.
The Three Musketeers... Zoe, Jacob and Sofia.
Receiving her preschool diploma. CONGRATS SOFIA!!

Here is the processional!


jennifer said...

Congrats little miss Sophia! On to KINGERGARTEN!!!!

jennifer said...

Congrats little miss Sophia. On to KINGERGARTEN!!!