Friday, July 31, 2009

The Hardies (Hemingways and Prices too) take Lake Michigan!

Day 3 was another chilly day (yes, these are out of order), but the kids really wanted to go to the beach. So we did. Daddy and Grayson dug tunnels.
Grandpa Hardie and Uncle Chris started a baseball game (kinda), and Sofia had a turn at bat and actually hit the ball one time.

Grandpa and Uncle Chris playing catch.
Grayson filling his bucket.
Scarlett and Thierry playing in the sand. They got SO dirty that Rachel and I had to strip them down and dip them in the lake before we left. The lake was SUPER cold and they didn't enjoy it, but we thought it was funny.

Tadj was actually the only adult brave enough to go swimming in the frigid water. He claimed it was no colder than the hotel's pool, but he was WRONG!

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