Friday, July 31, 2009

The Hardies take Mackinac Island!

For day 2 of our Hardie Reunion (we just traveled and rested on day one) we all went to Mackinac Island (except Tadj... he was working and joined us that night). Here is Uncle Justin and a bunch of the kids standing next to a carriage. The driver wouldn't let them get any closer than that.
All the kids at Fort Mackinac. This is the best picture of them I could get in their "period" clothing. The Fort was really cool and educational. We learned a lot of history. Did you know it was attacked and overtaken in the war of 1812? We didn't. But now we do. It was so neat to tour all the old buildings and barracks.
Scarlett and Taylee in their little dresses and bonnets.
Grayson pulling the rope to shoot the cannon.
This cute lady was trying to knit a pair of gloves... for HOURS. We saw her a few times that afternoon and it hardly looked like she made any progress. Here are my kiddos and Brooklyn posing with her.
Here are the "big girls" watching a court marshall
Fun on the boat over to the island. Grandma Hardie must be the best bubble blower in the world. All the kids were entertained by this... but ESPECIALLY Brooklyn.
Say "cheese" Grandpa and Scarlett

Grayson was THRILLED to ride the boat. It was pretty cold that morning, so we decided to stay below deck. On the way home though, Aunt Rachel took Sofia and Treygan up top. Fia and Rachel stayed and braved the wind, but Treygan came back down below and said it was "awful" up there.
Sofia and Amandine hanging out at one of the tables. Why do these boats have tables? No one ate a meal on it.
Scarlett and Taylee again. They are just so cute together!

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