Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kindergarten Zoo Trip

On June 11th, I got to chaperone Sofia's Kindergarten field trip to the Detroit Zoo. It was a HOT day as far as June goes, but we had a good time anyway. Since Koepsell Kindergarten has a very supportive parent base, my group only had Sofia and Laila. Laila's parent's were even there for a little while but had to leave early for their other daughter's Preschool graduation. So the 3 of us gals hung out all day.

This was a pretty cool looking tiger that I think was painted for a baseball celebration or something. I'm not too sure.
Sofia and Laila posed behind these little animal cut outs at the playground.

These water squirting frogs were right outside Amphibiville. Sofia decided to try and get a drink and got splashed in the face and chest instead. goofy girl.
Beautiful peacock strutting his stuff.
the girls could have spent all day in the prairie dog exhibit. VERY cool.

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