Sunday, June 13, 2010

Splash Village with the Aminis

The first weekend in May we went with our good friends, the Aminis, to Splash Village water park inside Zehnder's Hotel in Frankenmuth. It was something we had hoped to do in the cold weather, but schedules only worked out for this weekend. It was GREAT fun anyway. This top picture is Sofia and Grayson chillin' in the hot tub.
Here is (almost) the whole group... Sofia, Grayson David, Sofia, and Andrew. Bella was just too little for this purple slide, but it was just right for the rest of the kids. It emptied into pretty shallow water too, so none of them were scared to do it.

Tadj and I took turns taking the kids down the big tube slide. It was SOOO crowded on Saturday that it was hard to find a floatie to go down it with. We had to hold onto our floats for dear life so nobody would steal them. On Sunday, it was much better and we went down that slide a zillion times. Sofia had a blast doing in by herself. I LOVE the these kids are getting more independent.

Sofia and I went down on the double tub quite a bit. There were 2 slides up at the top. The Green one was MUCH faster than the blue one. Little dare devil Sofia liked to brave the Green one almost every time. Mom, not so much.

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