Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Ninjas

When Grayson turned 4, he was officially old enough to join Little Ninja's at PKSA Karate. Mom's been taking kickboxing classes there since February and really likes the programs and cousin Amandine has been loving it for a couple years now. So Grayson got his hand me down uniform from Amandine and began. Within a couple of weeks, his buddies David and Andrew joined in too. LOTS of fun, high energy, focus and discipline. Just what little man needed. These pics were from class on Friday June 11th.

Mr. Shaun in all his wisdom keeps pairing up Grayson and Andrew. They giggle more than they work I think. Here they are doing pad work... practicing their kicks.
Kick the pad, NOT Andrew, Grayson!!
The last exercise of the day was a tug of war between two teams in the class. They were pretty equally matched and each took one or two wins. Then Mr. Shaun decided to take on the entire class. He held his own for a bit...
... but was eventually defeated.

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