Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Detroit Science Center

I haven't been to the Science Center in about 4 years. I'd never taken the kids there until last Friday. We went with my friend Angie and her two boys, David and Andrew. We had so much fun!! They remodeled it a few years back and just recently add their "Kids Town". It's made for kids under 5 and is fully equipped with a water table, dress up and stage area, tricycle/bike room, ball room, play kitchen, art room, and baby room. It was a BLAST and I think the kids spent about an hour and a half just in this spot. We decided to buy the family pass for the year so we can go back a lot more and do all of the other fun stuff too.

We started of here trying to flip our sails the right way to move across the table. No one got it to work. Angie and I were in college together and should have know many of these scientific things but now have mommy mush brains. Pretty sad, but I think we learned more than the kids.
Sofia demonstrating how incline planes help work.
The kids using a may pole to simulate how a screw works.
Grayson spent an hour at this water table. Don't let the smock fool you. He was SOAKING wet by the time he finished.
The fun little kitchen/diner in Kids Town.
The dress up area and dance stage.
Arts and crafts room
Grayson "cooking" with a fire hat on.
Scarlett only liked the baby room if someone was in there with her the whole time. Otherwise she came to the gate and pounded on it to be rescued from "jail".

The Ball Room


Kirstynn Evans said...

HOly CRUMB! Look at how busy you have been with the kids! I know with winter coming, I am going to have to start getting creative with the kids! Great times! Loves!!!

Michelle said...

I had no idea the DSC was so toddler friendly. I will definitely have to plan a family trip down there. I think Nathan would love it (and he would be free since he's still under 2).

Courtney said...

Cool Natalie to hear about this new place to visit! I've never been there looks like I need to go!! Thanks for letting us in on this new "winter" activity. Us Michiganders need to find ways of not going crazy in the winter time!