Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That old lady can run?!

Go Olga, Go! At work yesterday there was a mini celebration going on at the office. I thought it was someone's birthday. I was treating my patient and instead of hearing that typical monotone office singing of Happy Birthday (think "Office Space"... I'll sing the stupid song just to get cake), everyone was engaged in a round of applause. It turns out that our oldest and dearest fellow therapist, Olga ran the Detroit Marathon on Sunday. Ok, just the half marathon but still 13 miles!!! The lady is 65 years old ( I think... she only actually told me she was in the 65-70 age category). She took 1st place in her category, running it in 3 hours and 9 minutes!! I was blown away. She's twice my age and clearly in MUCH better shape. This is motivation to amp up my game. Although I am STILL tasting the hot fudge ice cream cake I ate at Big Boy an hour ago. Maybe I need a little more motivation. Hmm.


That Girl in Brazil said...

Holy cannoli, I feel like a schumuck.

aftonini said...

naw, I'd got for the hot fudge ice cream over a marathon anytime! ;-)