Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Falling in love with Fall

Sofia's preschool took a fieldtrip to Blakes Apple Orchard and Cider Mill yesterday. It was just the PERFECT Fall day. The air was crisp early on, but it turned into a beautiful 65 degree day and the kids took of their jackets. We had so much fun picking apples and pumpkins, riding the tractor train, eating doughnuts and drinking cider, and playing in the petting zoo and playground.

Sofia met her friend Zoe on the first day of class. They've been inseparable ever since. She came home after her second day and said that she and Zoe would be "best friends forever". Even the teachers get their names mixed up and always expect that they're together. I got to know Zoe, her mom Valerie, and baby sister Mia on the trip. They're a pretty fun group. FELLOW SKIERS! We'll be planning Pine Knob ski trips all Winter I'm sure.

Here are the girls on the tractor train ride.
Picking their apples...
showing of their apples (Valerie with baby mia too). I had Scarlett in a backpack. By the end of the day, Valerie and I were both in a lot of shoulder/neck/back pain.
Grayson searching for the perfect pumpkin.
Showing of the pumpkins. Grayson lost interest in his pumpkin and showed off his apple instead.
Cider and doughnuts.
Scarlett with her doughnut....yum!
The kids climbed a gian haystack. They cold have done this for hours, but we had to get home.


The Amayesings said...

AWESOME fall pics!! We have nothing like that here. (waahhhhh!) Makes me cherish the photos I took there!! And the memories we made.

Jana & Jim said...

hi natalie,
i came across your blog through lisa mendenhall's blog. wow... i didn't know you had 3 kids..where has the time gone??? also can you please tell you mom that my parents are in india on their mission. HUGS! jana

Kirstynn Evans said...

I honestly LOVE michigan in the fall. It almost makes the winters worth it. Not quite though! I miss you guys! The blog looks so great and fun!!! I think when grandma gets a little better we should bring the kids to visit her... what do you think?

That Girl in Brazil said...

AUGH!!!! I'm this side of jealous right now. Apple cider ... fall colors ... orchards .... Brazil is wonderful, but autumn is non-existent here. ENVY!

melissa said...

nicholas and i went there monday with his class we had a blast but our day was a little chilly perfect for fall apple picking time i forgot my camera that day

Caldiero Family said...

Sofia is getting so big!! Looks like Scarlet's hair is getting mroe red by the minute! Gotta love those Fall field trips, Natasha just had hers at Thanksgiving Point.

Julia Mortensen said...

man I miss that place!

Jen B. said...

I just LOVE fall in MI. Looks like you guys had a blast. Sophia's hair is getting so long and he looks like she's a tweener. Watch out mom! The boys will be knocking down your door in no time.