Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celeb mom

Rock hard abs ? PUH-LEASE!! Stylemakeer? NO WAY!! The rest might have been close. I don't think the quiz was TOO accurate, but fun. Thanks hil.

You're Gwen Stefani
One rockin' mama, you're a true original -- a wildly creative, supremely expressive style-maker. In no particular order, you enjoy motherhood, music, fashion and -- judging from your rock-hard mid-section -- endless abdominal crunches. Completely comfortable in the glare of the spotlight, you're equally at home with your private thoughts, that handsome and talented hubbie, and some awesomely inspiring kids.
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Hilary said...

oh, well - maybe this is what we'd look like if we had the personal trainers and make up artists that our celeb-mom-counterparts have!!! until then, i guess we can share the secret that that's our true - inner self!!

Jen B. said...

How fun -- this is you! Thanks for the quiz to try.