Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Princess-Buttercup-Pirate! No Tricks Please.

We went out for candy around our neighborhood on Friday. Grayson was SUPER excited for Halloween this year and loved to truly YELL "Trick or Treat" at every house. Our little Scarlett was a cute buttercup (Deja vue from Sofia), Sofia the princess, and Grayson a handsome pirate. We had Afton, Grandma Gay, and Grandpa George come over for the fun too.

Here are my cuties getting ready to go out.
Aren't they cute?

Grayson loved having a moustache and called it his "muhnash" all night. He was quite upset when we washed it off.

Walking up and down the stree. Our block didn't have much action, but when we walked a street away, there were many more lights on.

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melissa said...

I read the title and i thought of the Movie The princess Bride
with her name being Buttercup and Pirates kidnapped her but the kids looked cute