Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Thank you Stacie for posting this on your blog.

I have not been at all happy with the government "bailing out" the banks and my initial opinion was :"I can't believe they would bail out the auto industry too". My concern is that it's setting a precedent of ALL large companies who've gotten themselves in trouble. A little more research and my views have softened. Please click on the link below and see for yourselves. The effects of a failing auto industry are far reaching and devastating for ALL AMERICANS. For my family in friends out of state, write to your representatives please. We know our Michigan reps. are in support of this, but we need outside help. You can go to this website , watch the video (4minutes) and click on "I'm a concerned American." Only a couple of minutes and you can send a (already drafted) letter to your representatives.


Stacie and Family said...

Thanks for adding it to yours! It doesn't look good right now. Even if Gary keeps his job through all this I can see all the layoffs causing our already dropping home values to plummet. People think foreclosures are bad now! I don't think this area will ever recover if one or more of the big three go under. The entire U.S. will take quite some time to recover if it happens. I can't believe how vicious people are every time I watch the news. We have watched GM scale back on employee benefits, raises, and bonuses (which are totally gone) for the last four years. People don't seem to know that, or care to.

The Amayesings said...

Thank you for the info. I heard a statistic that, of course I can't remember, but impressive about how much the NATION'S businesses are dependant upon the auto industry. YIKES! I'll be contacting my representatives. Thanks.