Friday, December 12, 2008

40 sq. feet and 2 1/2 hours... least I think that's about the size of my bathroom. I know people with closets bigger than that. Yes, 2 1/2 hours to CLEAN MY BATHROOM!! How can such a small area become soooo gross? I scrubbed the tub and shower for nearly an hour alone. Whoever invented shower doors should be shot. I never thought I'd long for the shower curtain again, but at least I could throw that moldy thing out and buy a new one at the dollar store. The doors are pretty, but so not worth it. Toilet, mirrors, sink, cabinets, floor, finally all done. It's days like these that although I often wish with all my might for a big house with ample rooms and toilets for my growing family, that I'm grateful for a few minutes that my house is so small.

...onto the kitchen...again.


Kirstynn Evans said...

YIKES! You sound like me a few weeks ago. It occured to me, after cleaning my house for 2 two weeks straight... "I oughtta do that more often!" Doesn't it feel sooo good? You deserve a HOT bubble bath tonight!

Dains Family said...

I finally had enough of the shower doors and removed them. A disposable shower curatin is so much easier to clean....I mean throw away!