Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jingle Bells

Sofia's preschool had a special "Jingle Suprise" today. We came to pick the kids up 15 minutes early so they could do their Christmas songs and dances. There was 1 kid who was really misbehaving and he ruined my shot for most of the videos I got. I've uploaded one good one, and 2 other not so good ones. Enjoy.

Here's the little start posing with her bell and then running to greet us after the show.

Ok. I got one other good video... but it's sideways and I can't turn it. Sorry.

This one would have been good if not for you-know-who, but kind of funny I guess.


Alaina said...

Very Cute! I can't believe the misbehaved child... Alaina's nursery school had their Christmas pageant on Friday. Her class did jingle bells with little bells too. It came off really well for a class of 18 - 24 month olds. No one misbehaving. I don't know how those teachers do it! I love your new family pic. I always think Sofia looks like you but that picture says it all - she's your clone with brown hair. Have a merry Christmas!

The Prices said...

It's still way cute! I'll bet those parents are so embarassed...what a little boogar

Jen B. said...

What fun! I just LOVE that first pix of Sophia -- so pressy and so totally darling.

Robyn said...

I can't believe how fast they are growing up! Especially Sofia!

Jana & Jim said...

hey natalie,
i love the new family picture...also please tell tadj...thank you so much for the lift tickets.