Friday, December 19, 2008


I went to a Cookie Exchange last night that Sofia and I baked 10 DOZEN cookies for. Surprise package cookies...yum. Basically, it's a choc.chip cookie dough minues the choco. chips. Instead, you wrap the dough around an Andes chocolate mint, bake, and drizzel melted Andes Mints on top. Sofia was my official candy un-wrapper-er.

Here she is working diligently to get them all (200 of them) unwrapped before bedtime.
Here were her chocolate hands when she was done.
Cookies cooling on the counter.

The finished product. Lot's of hard work, but so delicious.


Kirstynn Evans said...

I just had one of these YUMMY creations! YUMM-O!!! Tell Sofia... Sleep... who needs sleep? GET UNWRAPPING those candies! I heard the story! SO FUN, and YUM!!!

Hilary said...

YUM!!!!! *so* yummmmm. . .

Jen B. said...

So Nat -- are you going to share the recipe (picture a big cheesey smile on my face just hoping for some yummy cookies).

Stacie and Family said...

Yes, PLEASE share the recipe!!!