Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day...

It started snowing VERY early this morning and still hasn't stopped. We're getting 2 inches an hour. We had plans for Pump-IT-Up this morning, but had to cancel :(
Here's what it looks like outside.
Here's what we're doing inside... PLAY-DOH!!

Here's what I'll be doing at naptime.


melissa said...

I hear you
I had plans today but have to put them off until tomorrow
As for the shoveling I got so far and had to quit snow is heavy and it is cold outside even I was bundled up

The Prices said...

We got a couple inches the other day and everyone was calling it "a bad storm," "heavy snow," etc. Please! They do not know heavy snow here!

Kirstynn Evans said...

YIKES! It should be the Whitest Christmas in YEARS!

Robyn said...

Brrr! Yeah, it's hard to enjoy the peace that comes along with naptime when there's a shovel staring you in the face. I feel so sorry for you guys. Honestly, I do.