Sunday, January 23, 2011

Barbie Sundays

When I was a kid, I spent MANY a Sunday afternoon playing Barbies with my sister, Rachel. We had a very large cardboard box filled with Barbies, barbie cars, clothes, furniture, babies, etc. that we would haul out from the basement storage and spread all over the living room or our bedroom for literally, HOURS of playtime. We were reminiscing about these Sundays a couple months ago when my sister was visiting and her little girls, along with my little girls hauled out the old Barbie stuff (including the 1970's style dream house that we hardly used) that my mother never got rid of, and played the evening away.

Today, when we came home from church, Scarlett pulled out Barbies and Ponies and the girls played. Sofia has never had an interest in Barbies or Babies, or the like, but she wanted to learn how to braid their hair. She did that, and Scarlett played the Barbies. I'm sure my sister and I looked like that. I just had to get a picture. Thankfully, we have little sacks to store our Barbies in. We have NOT progressed to the cardboard box stage... thank goodness. Clean up was a breeze. That was always the worst part.

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The Prices said...

Oh, the cleanup was the worst! Especially because I remember using a lot of toilet paper for various things like blankets or a wedding aisle. Brooklyn does the toilet paper thing now.