Sunday, January 9, 2011

Festival of Trees - November 27, 2010

While Rachel, Justin, and the kids were in town, Grandma Hardie thought it would be fun to drive down to Dearborn/Livonia for the Festival of lights and to see the lights on Hines Drive. It WAS fun. The trees were pretty cool and the best part of all was the train displayS... Grayson could have hung out all day. They even got to sit on Santa's lap. When Santa asked them what they wanted, Scarlett said she wanted a Wii. Santa told her she was too little for a Wii... WORST santa ever!! HE then said if they could spell Wii, he would consider. Sofia promptly stated " W - i- i !! No foolin' her!!

Brother and Sister Bowen came too and brought Sister Bowen's mom with them. SO FUN!

The cousins watching the trains - Treygan, Scarlett, Sofia, Brookly, Grayson, and Taylee.

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