Sunday, January 16, 2011

Troy Historical Museum Field Trip

Mom got to chaperone Mr. Rossi's class to the Troy Historical Museum field trip, which was actually on Sofia's birthday. FUN!! We'd never been there before and didn't know what to expect. There are a bunch of little buildings you can walk around a visit. The first one we went to was a toy demonstration in the general store. The volunteer that did the presentation did such a good job. The kids were so excited to play with these old time toys. It made me regret the $ we spent on Christmas. SHEESH! - Pull ropes to raise the teddy bear up and get the ball in the cup. SO simple.

I had 4 first grade girls in my group - not sure where number 4 is here... she liked to wander. It was COLD and very snowy.
The next demonstration was in the main building. The kids learned about different types on candles and then got to dip their own to take home. We thought this would be our favorite (though hard to top the toys), but the lady doing this presentation must not have much experience with kids because she was NOT AT ALL entertaining... and in fact a little rude and mean. Oh well, we tried to make it fun.

After the candles, we went to the school house for lunch, and then got to go back outside to wait for the bell to ring.
Perfect students, sitting at their desks. The teacher made them read in their readers, pull out slates to practice their writing, and worked on arithmetic (the 3 R's). They had to raise their hands and when called upon stand up next to their desks and say "permission to speak?" and wait for the teacher to say "permission granted". They loved it!

After slouching in line waiting for the bell to ring, this one was punished with books on her arms and head to practice her posture. (This was my #4 in my group... she's too cute)
Gum chewers had to put their gum inside a circle on the chalkboard and then put their noses in the gum. (they were just pretending... no gum was there)
This little girl made a "not smart" decision and had to wear the DUNCE cap and sit in the corner for the rest of the day. She thought it was GREAT!!

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