Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vacation with The Aminis - Around The House - Harbor Springs, August 2010

The Talented Mr. Joe did some beautiful carpentry work around the house we stayed at back in the Spring. Instead of paying him outright, the client offered him a week in the rental for free. Because the house was so big and because they love us so much, they invited us to go too. The house was actually in a country club/ golf resort that had a pool just a short drive away. We cooked many meals together - BBQ, spaghetti, salads, sandwiches, and lots of bacon -, swam, watched movies, built campfires, and played the entire week. The house had 2 floors. the Aminis stayed in the upper/main floor and used the 2 bedroom there. We stayed in the lower level that also had two bedrooms and the laundry room, plus another living area that never got used since we all hung out upstairs.
Light sabers and swords were the toy of the week... of course... there were 3 little boys around. Joe took his beating well out on the deck.
David looking quite scary
Cutie Bella and Cutie Scarlett making silly faces. Bella LOVED pushing these bright chairs around on the deck like her own personal little walkers. Too cute!

The Amini's little Traverse was packed so tightly with stuff, I'm surprised they had room to breathe.

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