Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sofia's 7th Birthday!

Sofia turned 7 years old on January 12th. I don't think we will ever get used to our children growing up. She went from a teeny baby at 6lbs 11oz to the super tall (but still skinny) 7 year old she is today in the blink of an eye. She is SUCH a pleasure to have in our home. Sofia is always helpful and eager to please. She appreciated pretty things and loves to share with and teach her little brother and sister. She is just the best big sister. She still loves animals the most, but has really enjoyed crafty projects lately too. From Mom and Dad, she got a Webkinz set complete with a Lemur, Pony, little dog, and even some little cloths and a Phineas and Ferb DS game.

She was still eating her breakfast when we finally agreed to let her open her presents. Clearly we chose well. She was just thrilled.

After dance classes, we met Grandma Hardie, Afton, Grandma Gay, and Grandpa George at Red Robin for Sofia's birthday kids' meal. Lucky us got a magic show from a roaming magician. He was more corny than magical, but it was fairly entertaining.

On Saturday the 15th, we had the family over (including, of course, the Aminis) for a pizza party celebration. All the grandparents came, along with the Uncle Chris, Aunt Rachel, Thierry, Amandine, Uncle Gus, Aunt Jess, Tricia, and Nik.
Sofia, happy to be surrounded by her favorite people.

Costo has limited our cake choices :( .... either chocolate/chocolate/chocolate, or white/cream cheese/vanilla. The chocolate was way too rich at Scarlett's b/day so we opted for the latter. Sofia didn't like it though... I think we may have to be done with Costco.

Sofia let Scarlett and Grayson help her with her presents... did I mention she's a really good big sister... Scarlett was just a little grumpy here.
Hotel for Dogs DS game from the Aminis.
Puppy in my pocket set from Uncle Chris, Aunt Rachel, Amandine, and Thierry. She also got a Fuzzoodles kit and mosaic art kit from Uncle Gus and Aunt Jess, and another Artsy sewing kit from Grandma and Grandpa Hardie. Tricia and Nick got her a Borders Books gift card, Grandma Gay and Grandpa George bought her a new outfit which she got at Red Robin a few nights early, but also brought new dresses for the girls and a cool biker jacket for Grayson on the night of the party.

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