Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vacation with The Aminis - Beach Fun- Harbor Springs, August 2010

The first beach we went to in Harbor Springs was more of a nature center. The nature guide/ ranger- type looked at us funny as we walked down the LONG trail to the water with our beach gear and sand toys in tow. We found out why when we got there an there was no "beach". Only rocks. We braved it for a while, but it was pretty hard on the feet.

Later in the week we went to a beach in the harbor. It was still not for than 70 degrees, but the kids really wanted to play in the sand. They did a good job burying Joe (with Angie's help).
Sofia's swimming skills really took off here. She didn't use a floatie at all and was SO close to making it out to the raft to do some dives... but it WAS a bit too far away and they wouldn't allow floats.

Scarlett and Bella chose a spot in the sand right near the water.

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