Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas with the Hemingways and Mercados

On Christmas day, in the afternoon, we went to Grandma Gay and Grandpa George's house to celebrate with the Hemingways and the Mercados. I'm pretty sure we have THE MOST spoiled kids on the planet. Uncle Gus and Aunt Jess spoiled ALL of us. Tadj and I even got a speaker/player for our iphones. WOOHOO! The girls LOVE to snuggle up with Grandma Gay.
The Hemingway men: Grayson, Grandpa George, Tadj, and Gus
I think Grayson was excited.
Scarlett got this super-cute tu-tu and headband from Uncle Gus and Aunt Jess. SO fun. She wore it to her ballet class too.
Grandpa George attempting to read to Grayson... good luck.
Sofia showing off her DSi to Seth and Allie. The kids LOVE hanging out with their older cousins, and they're so good to oblige them.

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