Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Trip to the Detroit Zoo - January 15, 2010

We were trying to go to the Detroit Science Center... and realized they were closed for a private event. SOOOO, we decided to try the zoo in the Winter time. It was COLD and SNOWY but SUPER AWESOME (though next time the kids will wear snow bibs). The Aminis came with us. Our first stop was the reptile house. Doesn't that snake look like it wants to eat Scarlett?? We loved this stop for a couple reasons: #1, we were 2 of maybe 10 families that braved the zoo this day and the volunteers were anxious to point things out and teach; #2 the animals were not trying to hide from a zillion people. They were all awake and active! Usually we peek in the windows of the reptile house and it's like "Where's Waldo" trying to find a creature. NOT THIS TIME!! The Crocodiles were swimming, snake slithering, turtles swimming... so cool.

From the reptile house, we went to the polar bear exhibit. What a treat!! The male bear, Lee, was splashing around a playing in the water quite a bit, and the arctic foxes were scampering around too.

Before we headed back and through the Penguinarium to the exit, we were told we had to see the giraffe exhibit. We were tired from the lack of train transportation, but went anyway... we were glad we did. Usually you have to pay $5 to see this exhibit up close, but in the Winter, the giraffes are only indoors and they just let everyone in to see. The kids could have stayed here forever.

Of course, a trip with the Aminis is not complete without a trip to McDonalds.. and those kids sure worked up an appetite with all their walking.


The Prices said...

Looks like you have been busy having fun! We miss you!

aftonini said...

Your pics are great. And you were right the animals looked exceptionally active. Makes me wish I'd gone to the zoo. Glad you all had a good time.