Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pine Knob skiing

Tadj and I took the kids skiing yesterday. This was actually Sofia's second trip out (the top pic was from that first outing). We had a BLAST! Sofia disappeared on us and we found her riding up the chairlift ON HER OWN! I was a bit nervous, but she did just fine. It's so great to have an independent skier... finally. Grayson worked with Tadj on some better technique and independence and is coming along. Scarlett hung out with me. She just needed help off the wonder carpet and several hands to stand back up. I was surprised at how well she could keep her balance and even try to make some turns... and how HAPPY she was when she'd fall. Just an AWESOME day.
Mom and Scarlett hanging out.
Grayson looked like this... a lot.

Sweet sisters

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