Tuesday, September 13, 2011

American Girl Doll Store and Lego Store - August 19, 2011

We left the aquarium to head back uptown (downtown?.. not sure) and get some dinner. We were headed to the Cheesecake Factory (which was super busy, so we just picked up dessert for later) and our bus dropped us right in front of the American Girl Doll store. I had told Angie that we WOULD NOT be walking into that store, but it was too late. The girls saw it, so after dinner all the girls went to the girlie doll store and the boys went to the Lego store. This is a Lego Woody. Very cool.

Sofia is not at all into dolls, but she really wanted an Ivy and a Rebecca doll. I told her if she's still interested in them in November then add it to her Christmas list. I think she's already forgotten.
Scarlett, on the other hand, LOVED these "bitty babies". They're a soft baby version of the American Girl dolls. They sure were cute, but Scarlett literally has 30 baby dolls at home very similar to this one. I don't think it will end up on her Christmas list, but in a few more years, I think a Molly or Kanani doll just might.
Not only could you buy the dolls here, but they also had a salon for your doll to get her hair done. The stylist actually teaches the little girls how to do the doll's hair. Pretty outrageous prices, but fun to watch. There was also a doll hospital and a restaurant. We'll be back to this store. It was a lot of fun.
I was surprised, but neither of my girls whined about not going home with a doll. I was so proud of them. They were perfectly content to window shop with me and make mental Christmas lists, and take home catalogs. I did buy Sofia a couple of books, but she has still not read either of them. I don't think she was REALLY all that interested in them, but had fun dreaming about them with me and Scarlett.

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