Sunday, September 4, 2011

Frankenmuth Girls Weekend - May 20-21, 2011

Angie and I plan a trip to Frankenmuth/ Birch Run at least once a year to get away from life, work, children, husbands, etc., and shop till we drop. In years past we've gone with up to 8 ladies, but for the last few it's only been 3-4. This time, Angie's sister, Jessie came. She's getting married in a few months and needed a break too. We look forward to this getaway for months!
We ran into horrible traffic through Flint and decided to just get off the freeway for a late dinner at Applebees. Our drinks came with straws that seemed WAY too tall for the glasses they were served in. Angie pulled out a knife and cut her's down a few inches. GOOFY lady!
Sweet sisters, Angie and Jessie
We couldn't get appointments at the spa for our pedicures, so we attempted them in the hotel room. Angie got a little crazy with her file and BROKE it... right in half.
Jessie gave the best massages. Here is Angie getting her hand massage. I got a neck and shoulder massage in the car.
Shopping in Frankenmuth... we tried on silly hats, and tried out crazy flavored popcorn (dill pickle anyone???)

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