Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Turning Pointe Presents: Lets Go Out To The Movies - June 16-18, 2011

The girls participated in The Turning Pointe's annual recital. This year the theme was "Let's Go Out To The Movies". Sofia was in a tap number to "Do-Re-Mi' from The Sound Of Music and a jazz number that was a medley of The Jungle Book & The Lion King. Scarlett did a ballet number to "Thank Heaven for Little Girl's" from Gigli. They were both in the Friday night show and mom was backstage in all the chaos volunteering as a room mom. NOT a fun place to be for the 4 (!!!) hour Friday night show, but we got lots of good pictures. Shauna Rhodenizer was also there volunteering, so that helped. The top picture, Sofia is wearing her tap costume. Scarlett wasn't technically in my group of little girls to watch, but she hung out with us anyway.

The leopard print costume was for the jazz number. A little bit too sexy in mom's opinion, but still cute. This group of girls were getting ready to go on! They did a great job.
Sofia and Elise Rhodenizer were in the same tap class. These tap costumes were just darling.
The Do-Re-Mi girls getting ready to go on. During the Friday night show, the music guys were still working out the kinks and messed up the girls' music. They were a bit confused, but danced beautifully. SUCH troopers. After a couple numbers (and a few tears from some of the girls), they got to go back on stage and dance again to the right music. In the background of this bottom picture is Ms. Amber, their teacher. She also takes classes at the school and danced beautifully in some numbers. SO talented.
Scarlett with her little class lining up to go onstage at the dress rehearsal.

In all the backstage chaos, we even found an old friend, Olivia Guzman. She and Sofia went to kindergarten together, but Olivia changed schools starting first grade. It was fun to find her still dancing with The Turning Pointe. She was in a jazz number to "It's a Small World".

After their dances were done, the girls changed into denim shorts and their recital tee shirts to get ready for the finale.

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