Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boise with the Price Family - March 27-31, 2011

We arrived in Idaho on Sunday night after a LONG day of driving through mountains and very windy roads and after discovering Scarlett gets motion sickness. We couldn't wait to get our hands on this little guy! Luke is just the sweetest baby and we snuggled him all week long.
Even Sofia and Grayson, who usually don't have much interest in babies at all, loved to wrap Luke up and hold him.

All the cousins got to have a movie night sleepover and eat popcorn. There weren't TOO many fights.
Rachel (with Luke), Justin, Tadj, and I found some neighbor kids to babysit and spent an evening in Boise. We ate at P.F. Changs where we got to meet Scott Glenn. He was very gracious and talked about skiing in Ketchum. yep. We were starstruck. Afterwards, we did some shopping and came home to watch "Vertical Limit".

We all took the kids to spend an afternoon at Pojo's - a place similar to Chuck E. Cheese. The won lots a little toys and candy, played tons of games, rode the carousel, and ate pizza.

Our Detroit Science Center pass was reciprocal at this Discovery Center, so we thought we'd try it out. It was small, but we found lots of fun things to do, like....
make enormous bubbles...
lie on a bed of nails...
make handprints...
and watch a robot spell our names in blocks.
Another afternoon was spent at this bounce house type place. It was SUPER busy and we had to actually wait 20 minutes for people to clear out before we were allowed in. CRAZY! The kids had fun anyway.
Scarlett and Taylee, and Sofia and Brooklyn got along very well the entire week.

On our last day with the Prices, Just took us out on the go cart and dirt bike. We packed picnic lunches, played in the dirt,rode the toys, and learned there was no potty! We loved watching the daring dirt bikers climb WAY up the dunes. It looked to scary to try. Here is Scarlett with Uncle Justin.
Mom took out Brooklyn.
Tadj and Grayson
Me and my Sistah!! LOVE HER!!
Grandma Hardie always told Sofia that if her cousin Brooklyn lived closer, that they would be BEST friends. We learned that she was probably right. These two were thick as thieves all week long. Brooklyn cried as we were leaving. The girls promised to be pen pals. We can't wait until our next visit!

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